A Gaze into Peru

10497893_854356404624571_7113024408189021479_o “Before, the elderly people of Huamangilla were quiet and unhappy… Now, the oldest person is the happiest person in the room.” –Ria Malhotra, GROW Director After a wonderful three day trip to the GROW institute in Chicago, our co-President, Jeannen, and our GROW director, Ria, came back with interesting insight into GlobeMed and our partner in Peru. At its inception, CCC-UNSCH provided a symbiotic relationship with the nurses and the elderly community in Huamangilla. It gave nurses the opportunity to gain health care experiences and gave the elderly community free access to health care. Lordis Huamán, the event coordinator, has been working with CCC-UNSCH since around its inception. She works with elderly in Peru and mediates any collaborations that might benefit them. One of the many collaborations was with a group of women in Peru who worked with textiles. She helped bring the people together to make and sell scarves, sweaters, and really famous Peruvian blankets. Now, there is a store in the center that sells these textile products. CCC-UNSCH has really made an impact on these people’s lives. Before CCC-UNSCH and Ms. Huamán, many of the elderly people were not willing to participate in protests for rights. Many did not have the motivation to do something that contributed to the community. Through CCC-UNSCH, they gained this sense of motivation and no longer feel “useless” because of their ages. Now, people “line-up” days in advance to get limited seats to the flight to Lima in order to speak and peacefully protest for rights such as social security benefits.


World Day Of Social Justice

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“You cannot see the whole of history if you only talk about kings. You haven’t seen the whole world if you don’t look at poverty, class, and gender issues.”

-Sally Bormann, Professor of General Studies, Whitman College

Created by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, World Day of Social Justice (WDSJ) was made in order to inform others about problems such as poverty, global health inequity, and race and gender inequality. We have come a long way since 2007, but there are still many issues that are still plaguing the world today. GlobeMed at CCNY works with CCC-UNSCH to help provide income generation via development of artisan skills and through sustainable methods of agriculture for the elderly and young children that live in constant poverty in the San Juan Bautista area of Peru.

GlobeMed is holding a meeting on Thursday, February 19th and we will be embarking on a photo campaign. Please help us shed light on this issue by coming to the meeting and finding out what you can do to help level the unfair playing fields that have been set in sectors such as health, education, and employment. We hope to see you on the 19th and hope that you join us in promoting WDSJ on Friday, February 20th.

GlobeMed at CCNY’s Halloween Bake Sale

First Campaign Event of Globemed at The City College of New York

First Campaign Event of Globemed at The City College of New York

We are excited to announce the success of the first campaign event held by GlobeMed at CCNY this year. This past Thursday, October 30th, the club held a bake sale in the North Academic Center rotunda. In the spirit of Halloween, the baked goods sold were Halloween-themed. Much to our delight, the club was able to raise over $100 at the sale by selling cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

In addition, the bake sale provided an opportunity for visitors to learn about our club’s partnership with Kaplan, which offers test prep for standardized exams such as the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT. Several visitors showed interest by signing up for more information about Kaplan at the bake sale. Students can help GlobeMed at CCNY raise funds for income generation projects in Ayacucho Peru by entering in the link below for a chance to win $10,000 in the Kaplan’s Good Life Sweepstakes & For Free Practice Test Information ==> http://bit.ly/ccnyglobemed

– Jasleen Ahuja

Act 25: The Right to Health


Article 25 (Act 25)- Every person deserves the right to a standard of living adequate for ones own health and well being. At the GlobeMed meeting this past Tuesday, an interesting discussion of Act 25 took place. Some thought ” I think it is important that as human beings we should call to be treated equally and treat others in the same manner in regards to social justice and health” and “To live with knowing that people are still denied of their basic human needs  is sad; it makes me want to do something about it.” What do you think? Share your thoughts below. If you want to learn more about Act 25 and its global implications, visit: http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/

Learn more about Kaplan

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GlobeMed Partners with KAPLAN to Support Income Generation In Peru